AN ARTICLE FOR ALANYA MARINA VISIT, written by Tim Stonich Cat Rendezvous Cay


Over the last several months, coming up the Red Sea into the Med, there has been quite a bit of chatter about where to spend the winter in Turkey.
There has been even more chatter about the situation at Alanya.

I just spent about two months there and thought I ought to report my experience. First of all, I had actually planned to stay the winter there, but knew I needed quite a bit of work done and services were better in Marmaris. My decision had nothing to do with the chatter because I did quite a bit of research on the quality and safety of the place. My stay was unintentionally extended to two months as I had some very unexpected engine repairs, a full rebuild on one, which was done very professionally, and at a reasonable cost.

Here's the report on the two months--mid August to mid October. After about thirty thousand miles and an almost completed circumnavigation, my partner and I voted Alanya Marina as the most friendly greeting and help docking of any other we've been in. We don't hand out compliments easily--jaded, I guess, after twelve years on the boat. The friendly professionalism extended throughout our stay, and the marina folks even found us a reasonable bicycle shop, drove us there and helped negotiate the price down!! The answer was never no to us or any of the other cruisers who started piling in our last month.

The facilities, themselves, have been completed, although all the shops
aren't in yet. They have beautiful tennis courts, a big pool (with bar), a
world class restaurant, apartments for temporary haulouts people, a large fitness center and an inexpensive pub with a real two for one happy hour with great staff--packed every evening. The town is a short bus ride away with service every ten minutes. Car rental on site is cheap by Turkey standards. There's also a surprisingly well stocked chandlery (we bought those dockline springs--stainless steel--for only TL22 each), and a small minimart. You really never have to leave if you don't want to and other shops were under construction.

As for the alleged problems. We weren't there over the winter so we really can't give first hand information, but there has been a lot of discussion about an "evil" surge that comes in there. We did quite a bit of original research in the spring, talking via email to last winter's residents and followed that up with chats, in person, while there. Apparently, last November or so, there was a huge storm and the surge into the harbor caused some problems. I was told this was only a one or two day thing, but it was pretty bad. If anyone wants to check out the ferocity of the storm, there is a UTube video of Yacht Marine in Marmaris getting hit by the same storm with considerable damage there. My conclusion was that it was a freakish storm and everyone, not just Alanya, had problems. Nonetheless, as we were leaving the marina was in the process of installing heavy pontoons at the marina entrance to deflect the swell.

A second criticism was the travel lift operator dropped a boat, and the owners had all sorts of problems getting their money. I talked to several people there at the time and this seems to be the true story. The operator had a senior moment or something and backed when he should have gone forward--knocked the rather shabby old boat over and insurance declared it a total loss. I don't know how long it took them to pay but the marina (we've all been hauled and sign the usual waivers which put no responsibility on the yard) voluntarily put the people up in a hotel, paid their deductible and then paid to have all their belongings shipped to wherever. The kicker is the insurance people told them they could have the hulk which they promptly sold for many thousand euros. Sounds like they changed a not very salable old boat into a windfall profit to me. The story out was the marina dropped the boat and the people had trouble collecting their money. I don't know when they were paid by insurance but via email to the owner, I did confirm they had been paid.

Had we known we were going to be there the full two months, we probably would have stayed the winter but were committed to Marmaris by then, which I'm told, doesn't have nearly as nice a winter climate. The marina, amongst the many cruisers there, is looked on very favorably and many were repeat customers. So, I have to say, while there were some problems last year, the marina has done everything they can to take care of them in a friendly and professional manner, and, I for one, would have no qualms about staying there for the winter. In fact, I wish I was.

Tim Stonich
S/V Rendezvous Cay

Alanya Marina, Akhan Mevkii, Yat Limanı, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 512 12 34

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